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Why Partner with Us?

With the wide range of proficiency levels and learning styles in a class of 16 or more students, it’s extremely challenging for even the most talented teacher to individualize the lessons to everyone. Students learn the best when they work on appropriately challenging problems; otherwise, they get bored or frustrated.

Meanwhile, parents increasingly demand the best math education for their children. Many enroll their children to off-campus math programs which don't coordinate with the school, offer a dry learning experience taught in large class settings, and are inconvenient for the families.

Our small class settings allow students to courageously explore appropriately challenging applications of math and logic more broadly and deeply than conventional classes. By giving students more space to explore, and compassionately responding to each student’s unique needs, we go deeper into causes and effects, which in turn empowers students to take more control of their own learning.

By bringing our customizable after-school program to your school, we offer world-class math and logic enrichment programs to broaden and deepen their math knowledge in a complementary way, address your students’ individual needs, and meet a popular demand by parents.

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How It Works

We partner with you to customize programs that best suit your school’s and students’ schedules and needs.

We hire, train, and manage expert instructors who will manage lesson plans, teach on your campus, and provide lesson reports to parents.

Finally, we will work with you on a suitable financial arrangement.

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Get in Touch

Whether you are interested in enrolling a child in our program at one of our locations, introducing our program to a school as an extracurricular program, or simply learning more about our program, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you shortly.

If you are interested in working for DLC, please apply at this link. Thank you.

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