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Develop Problem-Solving Minds and a Lifelong Love of Learning

We strive to offer the best math and logic enrichment education possible on campus at our partner schools and other convenient locations through small-sized, highly personalized, and nurturing lessons that focus on developing math abstract thinking led by expertly trained and skilled instructors and designed with the contribution of our world-class advisors.

To Bring Our Program To Your Child’s School

Problem-Solving Minds

Our Differences

Micro Class Size of 3-6 Students

Tiny Classes Featuring 1:1 Guidance

While our competitors offer classes with 10 or more students, we group students at similar proficiency levels in tiny classes of 2-4 students for our platinum tier, 5-6 students for our gold tier, and 7-8 students for our silver tier. Their learning experience is significantly more productive due to the 1:1 dialogs they enjoy investigating math while benefiting from individually calibrated challenges.  We don't use canned lesson plans but adapt real-time to our students' progress. Our high-touch experience further includes a lesson recap and customized homework assignments shared after each class.

Develop Problem-Solving Minds

Develop Problem-Solving Minds

Using evidence-based research and time-tested best practices, we develop abstract thinking and expose our students to more advanced topics in an engaging and level-appropriate way. Examples of such topics include combinatorics, recursive functions, modular arithmetic, number theory, mathematical proof, set theory, and various problem-solving strategies such as “guess and check”, “finding patterns”, and “drawing diagrams”.  Learn more

Social & Engaging In-Person Classes

Social & Engaging Hands-On Activities

We offer in-person classes that include various hands-on activities to minimize screen time and maximize engagement. Children learn the best by engaging all their senses, building genuine human connections, and experiencing math through a rich set of problems, games, and activities. They also develop the habit of using pencils and paper to solve math problems. 

Customized and Rigorous Curriculum

Rigorous and Personalized Curriculum

We customize our lessons based on our students’ individual needs and complement each partner school's daytime math curriculum. For the advanced students, we skip the topics they have already mastered, expand their knowledge by teaching post-secondary topics (e.g., combinatorics, number theory), and help them prepare for math contests. For those who need additional support to solidify their mastery of certain foundational topics, we use visual aids, games and puzzles to provide individualized hands-on support. Learn more

Compassionate Expert Instructors

Compassionate Expert Instructors

We hire instructors with a solid background in math or related fields, a passion for education, and experience teaching math. We further rigorously train and coach them in teaching best practices using our proprietary methods developed based on the latest research and proven success with contribution from our world-class advisors. We strive to make math learning enjoyable through our nurturing approach. Learn more

Convenient For You

Convenient For You

No need to shuttle your children from schools to learning centers on busy weekdays. We teach directly on campus through school partnerships.  Learn more

To Bring Our Program To Your Child’s School

How We Started

Growing up in a Chinese family rich in math traditions, I was looking for the ideal math and logic education for my child. In addition to a rigorous and fun curriculum, I envisioned it to provide the benefits of both 1:1 tutoring based on Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem and the social motivation from learning through solving puzzles and playing games with peers in person. 

After having my child try many existing offerings in the market, I found them too rigid, too dry, and lacking the individualized teaching only micro class sizes and expertly trained instructors who use best practices developed based on the latest evidence-based research findings.

Online classes are even less effective, as many research studies have shown. After failing to find a satisfying solution, I taught my son and his friends myself. They learned much more and had fun.   

Therefore, I left my executive career and started Descartes Learning Club to offer the best math and logic after-school learning experience I would like my child to have because many more children deserve this to achieve greatness in life.

Beatrice Pang

Customers’ Testimonials

The Descartes Learning Club has been such a positive and game-changing experience for our son, Greyson. Beatrice and her team have created a program and environment that challenges the kids and also enables a foundation for problem solving that Greyson has been able to apply to not only math but other subject areas. The curated groups and smaller class sizes ensure the kids are engaged and challenged not only by the curriculum but by each other, and this is not something we could recreate at home. The classes are truly a bright spot in Greyson's week, and in his own words: "I love it! It's fun, and it teaches me math strategies!"

- Rossa Hsieh and Ken Amorino

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Get in Touch

Whether you are interested in enrolling a child in our program at one of our locations, introducing our program to a school as an extracurricular program, or simply learning more about our program, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you shortly.

If you are interested in working for DLC, please apply at this link. Thank you.

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